Why Scout

Scout is more a collection of thoughts than a single definition. Scout, to us, is a continued search, no easy-task, honor, a person on a mission, a dream realized, it is us and you, both the journey and the destination.
Each wine in our collection is produced on a small scale by real (cool) people every step of the way and for us that idea starts in the vineyard. These wines began as grapes that were hand-harvested, from carefully tended vineyards that are often organically and sometimes biodynamically farmed. While hand-crafted these wines see fairly minimal intervention in the cellar. The wines we represent express the nature of the vintage they lived on the vine and the humans that brought them to life. Scout is living outside of the box, we know the wines we represent may not be for everybody but they are intended simply to bring joy to anybody that'll have them. We have a major love for the classics but get real giddy for the experimental. Our beautiful, diverse California is the focus of our selection but you'll find a few gems from all over the wine world here because loving wine is to appreciate it all.
No matter what you can trust you'll be drinking
honest, soulful, time-enhancing wines that taste pretty damn good
whether white, red, rosé, orange or bubbly.